ARI PURBAYANTO was born in Lampung, Indonesia on January 21st, 1966. He finished his undergraduate (Fisheries Engineer, Ir.) from Faculty of Fisheries, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia in 1989. After the graduation, he joined as a junior lecturer (government employee of the Ministry of Education and Culture) at Faculty of Fisheries, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia on February 1990. After three years working, he got a Monbusho Scholarship to continue his study in Japan from April 1994 to March 2000. He firstly took an intensive Japanese course at Tokyo Institute of Technology from April 1994 and continued at Tokyo University of Fisheries until he enrolled M.Sc program at the same university. He graduated M.Sc and Ph.D in Marine Science and Technology from the University of Fisheries (now, the University of Marine Science and Technology since October 2003), in 1997 and 2000, respectively.

Ari Purbayanto returned back to Indonesia after completing his study in Japan on March 2000, subsequently continuing his work as a lecturer for undertaking lecture, research, and community services as the three pillar task of the national higher education. He active as a leader for managing research and community services with the financial support from private companies, government as well as international research grants such as Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), Japan Science and Technology (JST), and FAO.  He also actively involved in the higher educational management as well as national and international collaboration both in education and fisheries sector. The government through the Ministry of National Education awarded his professorship on June 2007.

2000-2004  :    Coordinator of Fishing Technology, JSPS Core University in Fisheries, Collaboration between Japan and Indonesian University in Fisheries Sciences

2001-2003  :    Executive Secretary for Academic Senate, Bogor Agricultural University

2003-2005  :    Assistant Secretary for Four Autonomy Universities, Office for the Implementation of University Autonomy, Bogor Agricultural University (BAU)

2007-2012  :    Coordinator for Government and Corporate Collaboration, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, BAU

2007-2014  :    Head of Fishing Technology Laboratory, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, BAU

2010-2012  :    Chairman of Study Program for Graduate Study in Marine Fisheries Technology, Graduate School BAU

2008-2014 :    Secretary for Academic Senate Commission, BAU

2012-2014 :    Secretary for Board of Professor, BAU

2009-2014  :    Secretary for Seven Autonomy Universities (Indonesia University, Gadjah Mada University, Bandung Institute of Technology, Bogor Agricultural University, North Sumatra University, Indonesia Education University, and Airlangga University)

2003-2014  :    2nd Secretary for National Sea Partnership Program, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries

2008-2012  :    Member of National Commission on Fish Resource Assessment, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries

2007-2014  :    Assessor for National Accreditation Agency for University, Ministry of Education and Culture

2011-2014  :    Member of National Working Group for Implementation of Autonomy Universities based on Law No. 12/2012, Directorate General of Higher Education, Ministry of Education and Culture

2014-2018 :    Education and Culture Attache for Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Malaysia.